It is with great pleasure that we offer you raw materials of the highest quality. Our offer includes products from brands such as Firmenich, Givaudan or IFF. Their raw materials have been supplying perfumers all over the world for several decades.
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We offer 3 groups of raw materials:


Aroma molecules – this category includes products consisting of only one chemical substance. They can be completely synthetic or of natural origin. Thanks to them, we have contemporary perfumes.


Materials of natural origin – products of plant or animal origin. Essential oils, absolutes, resins and tinctures. Used for centuries to make all kinds of perfumes. They give the perfume depth and multidimensionality.


Bases / specialities – a kind of ready-made semi-finished products (accords) created by professional perfumers. More or less they realistically mimic fragrances found in nature (e.g. jasmine base, etc.) or create a separate, aromatic entity (e.g. Mousse de Saxe base). They facilitate and accelerate the work on the composition.
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